What to do if a condom breaks?

A torn condom is an unpleasant situation. Why is this happening? Latex can break for various reasons.


For example, due to the fact that its expiration date has expired, the integrity of the latex is violated during the procedure for opening the package (in a fit of passion, it is opened with the help of teeth or sharp objects). The product can even get damaged due to excessive dryness in the vagina.


Also, the cause of condom ruptures can be a discrepancy between the size of the condom and the penis. You need to choose your size, focusing on the packaging data (length, width, density). Criteria such as the type of surface (rough, smooth) and latex flavor are secondary. It’s a matter of taste. But a tight condom can break or injure the head of the penis, a wide condom will slip off.


It is very important to put on a condom correctly. Usually, this is done by men, but sometimes the initiative passes into the hands of women. The fair sex needs to remember that sharp nails, even with the most careful actions, can damage the latex. And if the nails are long, and their ends are pointed, it is better to pass the baton to a man.


When putting on a condom, you need to remember to “expel” the air from its tip. During body movements, the bubbles that remain there create a high pressure inside the condom. The resistance of external and internal pressure leads to ruptures of the latex.


Sometimes it happens that it is possible to detect breaks in the condom after intimacy. As a rule, the rupture of the latex is accompanied by a characteristic sound, but it can hardly be caught in the process of intimacy.


To check the integrity of the condom after intercourse, it is not necessary to conduct experiments with water (a used condom must be ⅓ filled with water). It is enough that after it is removed from the genital area, it is filled with sperm, which must necessarily remain in the latex and not flow out. When ejaculation has not occurred, it is better to use water.


So, if the condom still broke – what to do?

Often, women use different methods to prevent pregnancy if the condom breaks. But these methods have not received medical justification, and their effectiveness has not been scientifically proven. For example, douching or taking a vertical position (no matter how absurd it sounds). All of them do not work, although some modern women are still convinced of the opposite. The only option to prevent pregnancy is emergency contraception (hormonal or non-hormonal). And it is better to choose it in advance. If the woman did not do this on time, you can check with the attending physician by phone or purchase universal remedies at the pharmacy.

Remember that self-selection of such drugs can adversely affect reproductive function and lead to complications.

The best option is for both partners to see a doctor:

a woman – to a gynecologist to prevent unwanted pregnancy and check for genital infections;
a man – to a urologist, in order to also make sure that sexual intercourse did not bring a “bouquet” of sexually transmitted diseases.
A visit to the doctor is the best solution for preventing sexually transmitted diseases and maintaining a healthy reproductive system.

Remember that pathogens quickly penetrate the cells of the reproductive system and spread throughout the body. Sometimes, after the initial entry into the body, the infection can “live” there for some time and only then, under the influence of other factors, go from a passive to an active form. Only clinical studies will help to detect the infection in a timely manner and choose the right method for its elimination.


I’ll add on my own: both partners need to take care of the availability of a condom and its correct use, without shifting responsibility to each other. This will allow you to protect yourself from future health problems and enjoy a full sexual life. All health!


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