Erogenous zones: what makes us excited?

I must say right away: there were no guides to the erogenous zones of our body and there are none. What turns you on may not cause such vivid sexual emotions in others.


Female erogenous zones
Ears. The earlobes are receptive to kisses and have an exciting effect on the weaker sex, especially if you slightly pull on them with your lips. “Goosebumps” immediately runs through the female body.

Neck and décolleté. A woman instantly closes her eyes if she is kissed on the neck or endowed with caresses on her chest. These are the most memorable erotic scenes in any romantic movie. And indeed, after touching these parts of the body, a thrill passes through the entire female body.

The nipples are especially susceptible to touch (however, this does not cause pleasant sensations for everyone). To enhance the acuity of sensations, they can be bitten and squeezed. Just don’t overdo it. Mammologists note that the mammary glands are a delicate area and frequent trauma can lead to tumors.

Clitoris and labia minora. According to statistics, the clitoris is the leader among female erogenous zones. The head of the clitoris is receptive to stimulation, but there may not be pleasant sensations.

Most women need gradual and rhythmic stimulation. This is because the main female erogenous zone is highly sensitive. And strong touches can be unpleasant. Naturally, it is necessary to stimulate this zone in compliance with all the rules of hygiene (sanation of the oral cavity, thoroughly washed hands).

As for the vagina, the entrance and the outer part are the most sensitive. They are the first to respond to touch and friction during intercourse.

Back, feet, and “fifth” point. In the female body, the most appetizing in the male gaze is the buttocks. But the back area, I would say, is oversaturated with nerve endings and there is a place for men’s hands and lips to roam. The most sensitive areas are the collarbones and lower back.

As for the feet, I will say that not every man is pleased to kiss women’s legs, especially if there is no way to take a shower. And not every woman feels relaxed during this process. Often she worries about the smell coming from her feet and the rough skin on her heels.

In conclusion, as a woman, I will say that the “control panel” for female erogenous zones is located in the man whom the woman has chosen for intimacy. Psychologists call this psycho-erotic addiction. If you like a man, the excitement increases with the stimulation of the same erogenous zones, if you don’t like it, some simply “turn off”.

According to American studies, even in the smallest erogenous zone (the area of ​​​​the arms, legs, and forearms), a woman can get erotic pleasure only because of sincere sympathy for her partner. It is a mistake to assume that the coverage of all-female erogenous zones, especially the G-spot, during sex will bring the desired result to a man. A woman’s body is not a musical instrument, strong blows on it will make it play even louder.


Male erogenous zones

Women blindly believe that a man has one erogenous zone, which is located between the legs. However, the penis is not the only place on a man’s body that can cause arousal.

Urologists say that areas with increased sensitivity help the stronger sex to achieve an erection – the inner surface of the thigh and forearm, scrotum, testicles, and the male “fifth” point. The lips and tongue increase sensitivity the most.

Sexologists advise devoting time to the study (caresses) of a male face. The delicate area of ​​the temples and behind the ear is also sensitive to touch. But remember: for some men, exposure to these parts of the face causes a sensation of tickling. To prevent this from happening, movements (pressing, stroking, kissing) should be stronger and more persistent.

Unlike the female breast, the male mammary glands are less receptive to touch, but this part of the body cannot be left unattended either. This is, so to speak, an aperitif to the main course.

The lower part of the male abdomen also deserves attention. Scientists have proven that stimulation of this part of the body in 8 out of 10 cases leads to an erection.

And, of course, the penis itself is the leader among all-male erogenous zones. You can stimulate both the head and the frenulum of the head. Urologists note that the highest peak of arousal occurs during oral sex when the male organ receives a “massage” along its entire length.

Use the map of erogenous zones and discover new routes!




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