Sexologists believe that anorgasmia has many types of manifestations in different periods of life, which depend on various reasons (mood, sexual libido, lifestyle, characteristics of sexual life, etc.).



  • primary anorgasmia, when the partner has never experienced an orgasm;
  • secondary – I felt it, but periodically there were difficulties with the culmination (for various reasons);
  • situational – orgasm occurs only after using a suitable stimulation technique (for example, G-spot, clitoris in women; penis, testicles in men);
  • absolute – the complete absence of orgasm, regardless of sexual stimulation, which gynecologists and proctologists refer to as sexual disorders (pathologies).

In the TOP reasons why a stop orgasm occurs, doctors have included:

  • health problems (undertreated and chronic diseases);
  • psychological factors (stress, depression, phobias);
  • bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs);
  • gradual natural aging of the body with age (physiological, hormonal, and sexual changes).


Do not feel an orgasm – see a doctor. It’s not shameful. Believe me, the doctor will help you get a picture of the main reasons why it “does not work” and find options for solving them. The “do it yourself” option will not help you get what you want.

What helps?
Diagnostics. If you feel unwell, then sex is not a joy, but there is nothing to say about an orgasm. Therefore, you need to start with an assessment of your health and, of course, the health of your partner. Undergo an examination to understand whether you are healthy, including sexually (gynecological or urological examination).

Intimate talk. It is possible and necessary to get rid of psychological complexes. Either a psychologist, a sexologist, or a treating gynecologist (urologist) helps. The main thing is to find the problem. It is not always necessary to bring down all your fears and complexes with a snowball on a partner. Find out with a specialist their cause, and after that try to get rid of them, including with the help of a chosen one or a chosen one.

Change of angle of attack. The Kama Sutra was not invented in vain, but it is better not to try extreme poses without preparation. Experiment with the tempo (slow, fast) to determine whether the peak of pleasure is rising or falling. Sexologists advise women not to forget about oral sex and men – about foreplay and the magic G-spot (located on the front wall of the vagina).

Intimate plastic. G-spot and clitoral enlargement, as well as non-surgical vaginal surgery, help a woman achieve orgasm. Here is what Marina Kuchina, a gynecologist at the ON Clinic Medical Center, and a specialist in intimate plastic surgery, says:

“G-spot augmentation (enlargement) is carried out by injecting drugs into a specific area of ​​the vagina. As a result, there is a temporary (up to 6-8 months) increase in this erogenous zone in size, about a quarter in diameter and volume. As a result, stimulation of the magical G-spot brings a woman more pleasure from sex, including orgasm. By the way, even the clitoris can be enlarged if, for example, it has a small size or wrinkles have formed on the hood of the clitoris (for example, due to hypertrophy).

For men, intimate plastic surgery will help in solving urological problems, which means that healthy sex life and orgasm are close.

And if … vaginismus ?!
A convulsive reflex spasm of the muscles of the female genital tract, which prevents the implementation of not only sexual intercourse but also, for example, a gynecological examination, is called vaginismus. Do not confuse vaginismus with coitophobia, the fear of sexual intercourse that does not cause muscle contractions. In the ON Clinic network of medical centers, women can undergo treatment for vaginismus using Botox (doctors inject drugs into certain areas of the vagina to relax the muscles).


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