What will help with sunburn and sunburn?

Getting a sunburn on hot and sunny summer days is a snap. However, sunburn can be encountered not only in summer but also during a long trip in crowded transport or when in very hot places.

Differences between sunburn and sunburn
How are sunburns different from each other? They are not the same, but they have one thing in common – they form when exposed to high temperatures. Sunburn is caused by direct sunlight, sunburn is caused by heat (unventilated overheated rooms, transport, sauna, gym …)

Who is most at risk for sunburn and sunburn?
Young children, people over 65, and obese people are at the greatest risk of sunburn and sunburn. However, overheating of the body affects perfectly healthy people – there is a risk, for example, during intense sports in hot weather and in the gym, especially if you do not pay attention to a sufficient drinking regime. Certain medications (drugs that constrict blood vessels – vasoconstrictors, drugs to control blood pressure, diuretics, antidepressants, antipsychotics) or alcohol also cause the body to overheat.

What is sunburn?
Sunburn (Latin Insolation, Heliopolis) is an overheating of the body that occurs when exposed to direct sunlight. It usually appears several hours after sun exposure, such as at night. Sunburn is often accompanied by sunburn to the skin.

What is sunburn?
Sunburn (Latin Siriasis) is overheating that can be milked without the presence of sunlight. If the body is exposed to high temperatures for a long time, such as in a car or in an unventilated room, overheating and loss of fluid may occur. When the body can no longer cool down, the heat spreads to all organs and causes the symptoms of sunburn.

How do sunburns and sunburns manifest?
The symptoms of sunburn and sunburn are very similar, with a sunburn they may appear delayed, for example at night after sunbathing. Whether it’s sunburn or sunburn, we draw a conclusion based on the circumstances that caused the overheating problem.

The main symptoms of sunburn are:
increased body temperature
Sunburn symptoms
The main symptoms of sunburn are:
fast heartbeat
rapid breathing
fever in some cases

Overheating can quickly worsen to unconsciousness with seizures and shock. In this case, of course, you need to call an ambulance.

Sunburn and heartburn in children
The causes and manifestations of sunburn and heartburn in children are the same as in adults – unfortunately, children are more prone to overheating, especially the smallest. Therefore, carefully follow the principles of safe exposure to the sun and do not forget about the risk of overheating in other situations, especially when traveling by car. For young children, overheating can be fatal. Never leave your child alone in a parked car, even if you want to run a little. Also, pay attention to suitable clothing, do not over-dress children.

What is first aid for sunburn and heartburn?
Place the person with sunburn or fever in a cool, shady, and well-ventilated area.
Take off excess clothing.
Lay him down and support his legs.
Cool your body with the currently available means. Apply a cold compress to your head and back of your head, or you can also apply it to your body, such as your groin and armpits. A warm shower or sponge will also help.
Top up liquids – Serve drinks in small sips warm, noticed. Ionic drinks, mineral water, or lightly sweetened iced tea are better than water.
Always monitor the victim’s condition, constant supervision is important, especially for children.
For more serious problems, seek medical attention.
What to use for sunburn or sunburn?
For sunburn and sunburn, you can use several types of funds that will help cope with an unpleasant condition:

If necessary, and if there is no risk of vomiting, headache medications can be given.
You can treat burned skin with a burn treatment such as a cooling and soothing panthenol spray (Dr. Max Panthenol Spray) or hyaluronic acid burn cream (Bionic), etc.
Rehydration solution can be used to replenish fluid.
To cool your body, use gel pads that will stay cool for much longer than a classic compress (Helotes Gel, etc.).


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