How are you doing with aging skin?

Try the SkinConsultAI Skin Aging Diagnosis on our website and get advice on products suitable for your skin. Diagnostics is free and takes only a few minutes.

Proper skincare starts with choosing products that meet the needs of our skin. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses, which change with age. Some people suffer from deep wrinkles and need to focus on filling the skin, while others deal with problematic enlarged pores or lack of brightness. Vichy Laboratories has developed SkinConsultAI online diagnostics of skin aging, thanks to which you can quickly and without leaving your home reveal your benefits, as well as priorities to consider when taking care of. You can do online skin aging diagnostics for free in just a few steps on your phone.

The 7 most common signs of aging
Skin aging has various manifestations. Some of the most common problems that bother us are loss of skin firmness, visibility of age spots, visibility of pores, fine lines, visibility of deep wrinkles, wrinkles under the eyes, and loss of skin brightness. These are manifestations of Vichy SkinConsultAI’s online skin aging diagnosis that assesses your strengths and 2 priorities you should focus on in skincare in 3 easy steps.

Based on the results, you will immediately receive a recommendation for skincare according to your needs. The analysis is accurate to 97% and dermatologists have been involved in its development.

In the background are tens of thousands of photographs and years of research.

Wondering how the app recognizes what your skin needs? SkinConsultAI is backed by over 15 years of Vichy Laboratories research on skin aging, which is constantly being developed by dermatologists and artificial intelligence. Vichy’s research team collected photographs of 20,000 volunteers from around the world in a so-called skin atlas, and then dermatologists evaluated the images to determine the severity of the signs of aging.

Based on the dermatological evaluation, SkinConsultAI analyzes your selfie and determines the level of 7 signs of aging in your skin. The app will also show you how you are dealing with the signs of skin aging compared to other people of the same age group.


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