Overweight – infertility

Excess weight in men turned out to be a factor in reducing the testicles And hence infertility

Obesity is fraught with many unpleasant health consequences. It is associated with diabetes, and with cardiovascular diseases, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Now scientists have found another reason not to gain weight: they say that more careful control of body weight in childhood and adolescence can help prevent male infertility later in life.


The study found that overweight or obese children and adolescents, as well as those with high insulin levels or insulin resistance, tend to have smaller testicles compared to their peers. And the volume of the testicle is directly related to the number of spermatozoa. Up to a quarter of young men are reported to have small testicles, which jeopardizes their future fertility.


The researchers drew their conclusions from a study of 53 overweight children and adolescents and 150 obese children. Their results were compared with those of 61 healthy peers.

The researchers noted that the prevalence of childhood obesity is on the rise, which may explain why there are so many young men with small testicles.



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