The purported health benefits of dairy consumption have been touted for decades, but recent research out of Loma Linda Health University (LLUH) has shed light on a potentially grave danger lurking in dairy products: an increased risk of prostate cancer.

As per the university’s press release, men who regularly consumed approximately 430 grams of dairy products daily, equivalent to 1 ¾ cups of milk, were 25% more likely to develop prostate cancer compared to their counterparts who consumed a mere 20.2 grams of dairy products per day. Alarming still, the risk of developing any cancer increased in those who consumed larger amounts of dairy, regardless of the type of milk consumed, whether skimmed or otherwise.

The risk of prostate cancer begins to surge once daily dairy consumption surpasses the 150-gram threshold. The underlying reason for this correlation may stem from the hormones present in milk. An estimated 75% of dairy cows are pregnant, and as prostate cancer is a hormone-dependent illness, there exists a plausible connection between milk consumption and the development of prostate cancer.

The findings of this study should serve as a wake-up call for men to limit their dairy consumption, lest they increase their risk of developing prostate cancer.





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