The harm of milk to the prostate

Scientists have declared the danger of milk to the prostate Increases the risk of cancer.

Scientists at Loma Linda Health University (LLUH) conducted a study and stated that men who consume more dairy products face a higher risk of prostate cancer.


According to a university press release, men who consumed about 430 grams of dairy products per day (1 ¾ cups of milk) had a 25% higher risk of developing prostate cancer than those who consumed only 20.2 grams of dairy products. in a day. In addition, there was an increase in the risk of basically any cancer. At the same time, it almost did not matter what kind of milk was used – skimmed or not.

It is also noted that the risk of prostate cancer, in general, begins to rise after the threshold of 150 grams of milk per day. A possible explanation for the link could be the content of sex hormones in milk. Up to 75% of dairy cows are pregnant, and prostate cancer is hormone-dependent cancer.




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