What prevents this?

1. Alcohol.

Excessive alcohol consumption has a harmful effect on the whole body, although many consider it a stimulant.

With an increase in the level of alcohol in the blood, the amount of testosterone produced simultaneously decreases – the hormone responsible for male libido and potency. Drinking alcohol in large quantities reduces testosterone levels for 12-20 hours by 20%.

Alcohol strikes the liver, which controls the release of testosterone in the blood. During the intake of alcohol, there is also slight destruction of certain areas of the brain involved in the formation of sperm and control potency. Therefore, often taking alcohol instead of the expected increase in potency acts exactly the opposite, and a man is expected to fail in bed, and since the release of testosterone decreases naturally with age, the erectile dysfunction can become permanent.

2. Beer.

A low–alcohol drink, which many men consider completely harmless to the body, has a great influence on the decline of male strength because phytoestrogens are female sex hormones in beer. With too much love for beer, their excessive amount contributes to female-type obesity and an increase in the mammary glands in men. The hormonal background worsens, and testosterone is suppressed. Suffice it to say that female hormone are prescribed for life to men who have undergone sex reassignment surgery! And, of course, excessive beer consumption affects the body in the same way as taking any other alcohol.

3. Smoking.

Vascular spasms from only 1 smoked cigarette last 2-3 hours. When smoking, even half a pack a day, the vessels will experience huge overloads, which will negatively affect potency. If a person already has problems with blood vessels, then smoking further worsens blood flow through the vessels, including those supplying blood to the genitals. Nicotine, various resins, and other harmful substances from cigarettes also enter the reproductive system.

A heavy smoker gradually decreases testosterone production, one pack per day increases the risk of impotence by 60%. Smoking also greatly reduces sperm motility, and hence the ability to conceive a child (according to some data, by 75%). All these negative reactions do not manifest themselves immediately, on average, it takes 5 years of active smoking to “achieve” all these negative consequences of smoking.

4. Taking medications.

Many medications – sedatives, sleeping pills, antispasmodics used for hypertension, as well as some remedies for stomach ulcers cause impotence. Studies have shown that 16 of the 200 most common medications have a negative effect on potency.

Before taking any medications, carefully read the instructions, and also be sure to consult with your doctor regarding the possibility of developing undesirable effects.

5. Constant lack of sleep.

Testosterone is produced just during sleep, reaching its maximum concentration in the morning, so lack of sleep harms normal potency.

6. Sedentary lifestyle.

According to statistics, erectile dysfunction is more often suffered by people of sedentary professions, and much less often by representatives of active physical labor. Male potency depends on the activity of movements. There should be good blood circulation in the pelvic area. If normal blood circulation is disrupted (with prolonged sitting), then blood stagnation occurs, which provokes inflammation of the prostate gland, and later prostate adenoma.

7. Overeating.

The predominance of fatty and sweet dishes in the diet leads to overweight, this contributes to atherosclerotic changes in blood vessels, including those that bring blood to the genitals. Due to the thickening of the walls of the vessels, their blood filling worsens during sexual intercourse. After 40 years, the abuse of high-calorie foods contributes to the development of diabetes mellitus, one of the manifestations of which is a noticeable decrease in potency. In addition, obesity negatively affects the production of the main male hormone, testosterone.

All this, of course, is a “program for the future”, with a constant excess of the required caloric content of your diet. But even infrequent overeating causes more blood to rush to the stomach to digest delicious and abundant food, and not to the male organs for other pleasures.

8. Smoked meat.

Sausage and many smoked products have an extremely negative effect on the sex glands due to the content of the smoky liquid in them. It causes toxic damage to the tissues of the testicles, glands that produce almost all testosterone.

9. Fatty meat.

It is the main source of cholesterol. Moreover, it is not the cholesterol itself that is harmful, but its excess, which adversely affects the cardiovascular system. Cholesterol is the main component in the synthesis of testosterone, and the male body normally produces only a few milligrams of male hormone per day. Accordingly, the amount of cholesterol needed for this is also small. Therefore, it is better to choose lean meat, because even such meat contains an average of 30% fat.

10. Sugar.

Sugar consumed above the norm (the norm is 50 g per day) affects the development of impotence due to the inhibitory effect of glucose molecules on nerve endings. Excessive sugar intake can also cause obesity and diabetes.

11. Coffee.

Products containing caffeine in their composition have a negative effect on free testosterone, increasing the level of female hormones, fortunately, this effect is short-term. It is advisable for men to drink no more than a cup of natural coffee a day.

Instant coffee is harmful to men. In the process of producing natural coffee, after about 20% of the necessary substances are released, “excess” organic acids and other substances that increase the acidity of the drink begin to be extracted. There are studies showing that these impurities stimulate the production of female hormones in the male body.

12. Fast food.

Most of the listed harmful products are included in it in large quantities. This is a topic of a separate conversation.

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