Vitality: how to raise

The sun, the snow has melted, the young grass is breaking through, but for some reason, there is no joy…We talk about “Spring depression”. Of course, real depression should be treated by psychiatrists. We often call depression a temporary decrease in vitality, melancholy, which we feel in the spring when the body is tired of cold, colds, and lack of sun.

Signs of depression:

  • Bad mood, irritability;
  • Anxiety, fears, panic;
  • Headache, neck and back pain;
  • Weakness, frequent dizziness;
  • Insomnia or frequent nightmares;
  • Rapid fatigue, constant feeling of fatigue;
  • Lack of appetite or overeating;
  • Frequent tears, sad thoughts;
  • Reduction or absence of sexual desire;
  • It’s hard to focus on work.

If you have most of these symptoms, and you feel them for at least two weeks in a row, then you should think about consulting a doctor. If everything is not so serious, it is quite possible to cope with the blues on your own.

What to do:

More walking, walking, especially on sunny days.
Increase sleep time.
Communicate with friends and family, and choose positive people.
Try to change the situation, and watch funny movies.
The best remedy for women: is to cheer up, change their hairstyle and hair color, and buy some new clothes.
Analyze your diet: do you have enough vitamins and fresh vegetables in it, do you drink too much coffee and strong tea, exclude too fatty foods.
Add wellness complexes to regular food.


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