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Sexual health is very important for any man, and although erectile dysfunction in itself is not life-threatening, but it can ruin life thoroughly, including destroying a family, and lead to suicide…

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is defined by doctors as “the inability to achieve and (or) maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual activity.” However, even without scientific definitions, everyone understands what it is about. ED affects tens of millions of men, at risk from 40 to 50%, depending on age. Most of them, especially men after 50-60 years, either come to terms with the problem, they say, old age is not a joy.

In pharmacies, you can find many drugs “for potency”, but they have serious contraindications, here are the most typical:

disorders of the cardiovascular system, as well as arrhythmia
increased or decreased blood pressure
severe atherosclerosis
peptic ulcer in the acute stage
insomnia and disorders of the nervous system: increased excitability, tendency to hysteria, increased sweating and emotional hyperactivity.
It turns out to be a real enchanted circle – after all, all the main causes of serious potency disorders are present in this list!

How to support men’s health

Of course, if you have persistent problems with an erection, you need the help of an andrologist or a urologist, but you can fix a lot by simply changing your lifestyle or your eating habits.

Smoking and alcohol abuse have a negative effect on potency. Too sweet and fatty foods, fast food are also harmful for the body as a whole, and for normal sexual life.

And what is useful, what products should men include in their daily menu? Now it is fashionable to make various ratings like “5-7-10 etc. of the most useful products for …”, on the Internet and in men’s magazines you can find a lot of such materials about the most “male” food.

So let’s get started!

Option 1. 7 products that increase potency.

1. Seafood – flounder, mackerel, salmon, shrimp, crayfish, squid, they contain a lot of zinc and selenium, without which normal sexual function is impossible. Fatty marine fish contains essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Oysters are the record holders in terms of zinc content. The famous lover of Casanova, according to legend, ate 50 oysters for breakfast. In shellfish, for example. Mussels also contain many essential amino acids necessary for the production of sex hormones by the male body. For maximum effect, both oysters and mussels should be eaten raw.

2. Nuts are a storehouse of vitamins, essential oils and vegetable fiber.

3. Parsley is an excellent remedy for the prevention of prostatitis, which has a very negative effect on potency, contains plant analogues of male sex hormones.

4. Eggs. The product is controversial, if you get too carried away with them, cholesterol may rise, this is very harmful to blood vessels, including those that feed the penis with blood.

5. Garlic and onion.

6. Meat.

7. Ginger.

Option 2. TOP 10 men’s products.

1. Fatty fish (salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel, anchovy, herring and sardine). It contains B vitamins, calcium, selenium, potassium and magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. These components increase the potency and quality of sperm, reduce inflammatory processes in the body, play an important role in the prevention of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, and also have a positive effect on mental health.

2. Nuts.

3. Lean beef.

4. Garnet.

5. Oatmeal.

6. Tomatoes.

7. Pumpkin seeds.

8. Milk and cottage cheese.

9. Broccoli.

10. Green leafy vegetables.

Option 3. 7 products to increase potency.

(Another “magnificent seven”!)

1. Garnet.

2. Avocado.

3. Asparagus.

4. Eggs.

5. Figs.

6. Seafood.

7. Almonds.

Option 4. 5 best products for potency.

Attention! You’ll never guess what comes first on this list!

We quote verbatim:

1. Camel’s stomach – deservedly takes 1st place as the best product for increasing potency! Its effect is no worse than “viagra”, while it is absolutely not harmful to the body. The only drawback is that it is not very easy to get this product. It is consumed dried or in the form of an alcoholic tincture.

2. Oysters.

3. Boiled mackerel.

4. Turnip.

5. Flounder.

There are many such lists, but the main pattern is obvious: fish and seafood are necessarily present in all variants, however, all the authors insist that the desired effect can be obtained only by using freshly caught, raw or cooked with minimal heat treatment, gifts of the seas and oceans.

This is due to the fact that marine hydrobionts contain a huge amount of biologically active substances that heal all body systems, including sexual function in men and women.


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