Can glasses protect against coronavirus

This is a FACT! Glasses create a mechanical barrier between our body and viruses, complement the mask, which more effectively protects us from the access of pathogenic microorganisms. So it’s good to wear them, for example, when shopping in the supermarket.

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is spread by droplets, and there are many signs that it can enter the body through the conjunctiva of the eye. Thus, every touch to the eyes, mouth or nose exposes us to a significant risk of infection.

It is estimated that 1 to 3 percent of COVID-19 patients become infected by touching their eyes. This is what Prof. Benadetta Allegranzi from the Institute of Global Health of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Geneva in a material distributed by WHO, in which he recalls, in particular, the need to wash hands and especially avoid touching them to the mouth, face and eyes.

Most often, in the context of protection against infection, they talk about masks, but experts note that glasses are a good barrier to a new coronavirus.

“Glasses can help us reduce the risk of coronavirus infection because they are a mechanical barrier between our body and viruses. For those who already wear glasses, this can be an important type of protection,” says Robin Gershon, an epidemiologist from the Department of Global Public Health at New York University.

In addition, glasses protect us from ourselves – they are a physical barrier that prevents us from touching our eyes.

– The conjunctival sac is the way the virus enters the body. The reason why this happens is usually rubbing the eyes – with your hands, fingers, the back of your hand, so it’s best to avoid it. Those who wear glasses are in a better position, because to touch the eyes you need to take off the glasses, and then most often remember that he should not do it,” says Prof. Jerzy Shaflik, Head of the Laser Eye Center and Glaucoma Center.

– If possible, do not touch the eyes, and if we work in conditions that expose us to direct contact with patients, special protection is necessary, – emphasizes another ophthalmologist, Dr. Andrzej Styshinski.

Remember that the bigger the glasses and the tighter to the face, the better the eye protection. Most of us have corrective, sunglasses or so–called smart glasses (zeros) at home. Now they are worth using.

Corrective contact lenses and the new coronavirus

According to experts, if it is not necessary, it is better not to use contact lenses. The fact is that people who use lenses often touch their eyes, exposing themselves to infection. Although hygiene reduces this risk, it will not eliminate it completely.

Don’t forget to disinfect your glasses!

Experts remind you that currently you should clean your glasses several times a day, especially if you go outside.

We can do this with disinfectant liquids or just with warm water with soap or other detergent. However, do not use acetone or alcohol-based products, as they can damage not only the frame, but also the anti-glare coating of the lens for glasses.

“Let’s not forget to pay special attention to cleaning the so-called fingers in metal glasses. Nose pads have direct contact with the skin, so more dirt accumulates on them. Let’s clean them, for example, with an unused toothbrush, of course, under running water, with the addition of detergent. We can also ask the optician to wash all the glasses in an ultrasonic cleaner, in which the liquid is always replaced with fresh. We also have to remember that in our time, when we are even on the street for a moment, we should not put glasses on top of our heads,” recalls optometrist Dr. Zofia Grech, an expert of the campaign “Time for a look without limits”.


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