Sex, especially successful, is not only healthy and a source of unusual sensations, but also an excellent medicine and cosmetic, and one of the most effective and pleasant ways to get rid of extra pounds. Find out how sex affects your health and well-being.

The beneficial properties of this action have been confirmed by many scientific authorities – cardiologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, dermatologists, and other specialists. Sex relieves pain, strengthens the skin, prevents heart attacks and strokes, regulates blood pressure, strengthens the body … These are just some of the positive effects of sex. And there are a lot more of them! Discover 10 health benefits of sex.

1. Sex cures colds

People who have sex increase their body’s immunity. All due to the fact that frequent sexual intercourse increases the level of antibodies – immunoglobulin A (IgA) in the body.

Researchers from Wilkes-Barre University 1 in Pennsylvania surveyed 111 of their students: first, they checked the level of antibodies, and then asked how often they have sex. For people who engaged in this physical activity on average less than once a week (in the future for a month), the level of immunoglobin A was slightly higher than that of teetotallers, and students who had sex twice a week had 30 percent more antibodies. There is more IgA in the body than in those who do not have sex.

Clifford Lowell, an immunologist at the University of California, explains that this is due to the fact that sexually active people are susceptible to sexually transmitted infections, and therefore their bodies react to the appearance of foreign antigens, increasing the production of IgA antibodies. These antibodies also help fight colds and flu.

2. Sex reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

In turn, researchers from the University of Paisley 2 in Scotland studied the relationship between sex and stress in 24 women and 22 men.

They found that sexually active people performed better in public and solved difficult tasks than those who did not have sex: they had lower blood pressure and felt better.

However, it is worth adding that these studies relate only to vaginal intercourse, people who practiced other sexual activities, such as masturbating, reacted to stress in the same way as those who abstained from sex.

3. Sex strengthens the heart

Sex is also a cure for heart disease. Professor Shah Ebrahim from the University of Bristol in England3 and his team have shown that even a small but regular sexual activity protects the cardiovascular system. It’s even better when sex ends with an orgasm. If this happens three or more times a week, the risk of heart attack and stroke is halved. It also reduces the risk of developing heart disease.

4. Sex cures insomnia.

Those who have trouble sleeping can try sex as a remedy for this condition.

During orgasm, the secretion of prolactin, a hormone that causes drowsiness, increases. In addition, oxytocin is also produced during sex to reduce stress, which also helps you fall asleep peacefully. Moreover, the aforementioned prolactin maintains a low level of dopamine, responsible for sexual arousal, up to two weeks after orgasm, which allows you to maintain a state of moderate sexual satisfaction during this time.

5. Sex enhances the feeling of intimacy and security.

Sex is also very important for the emotional connection between partners. During orgasm, oxytocin is released, called the love hormone, which makes lovers feel closer and strengthens their bond with each other. Oxytocin also causes a protective effect and a desire to protect a partner from danger. The combination of “sex + oxytocin” works for both women and men. The level of oxytocin in the body increases the greater the number of orgasmic sexual contacts.

6. Sex relieves pain.

They say that one of the most common excuses when people don’t want sex is a headache. Meanwhile, sexual activity is a natural remedy for pain. This conclusion was reached by scientists from the University of Munster in Germany, who attributed this dignity to endorphins produced during sexual intercourse (or rather, during orgasm), which have an analgesic effect. 1/3 of the sexually active people surveyed had remission of migraine, cluster headache, and severe recurrent unilateral headaches.

7. Sex promotes weight loss.

Sex is a physical activity, so we burn calories in it. On average – from 70 to 100 calories, but the more we “work”, the more calories we burn. Therefore, it is worth experimenting and using both standing and sitting positions, since they require more work with the hips.

In the reverse position, a man burns 64 kcal, and a woman burns 42 kcal. In the rider position, a man loses 40 calories and a woman loses 67 calories.

Since oxygen saturation helps to burn fat, making love outdoors is not a bad idea. As well as a prelude to the rhythm of music (for example, a striptease), a frequent change of position and tempo.

8. Sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

This is good news for men – frequent sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer. According to a follow-up study by medical specialists conducted by Dr. Jennifer Ryder 4 of Boston University, there is a correlation between the chance of avoiding prostate cancer and the number of ejaculations in adulthood. This probability in men who reported at least 21 ejaculations per month (not only sex, but also masturbation was taken into account) is 21 percent lower than among men who reported 4-7 ejaculations per month.

9. Sex is good for skin and hair.

Regular sex has a positive effect on appearance. However, everything starts inside with a better blood supply to the body. During sexual intercourse, blood circulates faster and blood vessels dilate. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the skin, making the hair more shiny and smooth. Sex also causes the release of serotonin, which affects our well-being, and thus the gray skin tone disappears, and we look more joyful and full of energy.

10. Sex is the key to a woman’s health.

Both men and women enjoy the health benefits of sex, but in the case of women, there seem to be more of them.

One of them is exercises for the pelvic floor muscles – during sex, whether we want it or not, we train them, and they – with good physical activity – not only help with problems with urinary incontinence or faster recovery after childbirth but also contribute to more orgasms. The better the pelvic floor muscles function, the easier it is to have fun.


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