Menstruation in the 21st century? Back to nature.

Month after month, women all over the planet decide how to take care of themselves during menstruation. Recently, more and more attention has been paid to natural care. What are the options?
An interesting option is natural ecological pads and tampons made of natural cotton. They are pleasant on contact with the skin and have a high absorbency – they absorb up to twenty times their own weight. They are not bleached with chlorine, are not flavored, and do not contain other unnecessary chemicals that can irritate sensitive intimate areas. In addition, they completely decompose after use.

If you are concerned about the amount of waste and you still don’t want to buy pads, focus on reusable hygiene products. If you want to try something new, but more fashionable, reach for it. menstrual cup. This will last for many years, and the only thing that can become an obstacle at the beginning is to learn how to handle the bowl correctly. But once you get used to it, you will appreciate its comfort, practicality and will enjoy your days to the fullest. During the cycle, it is washed only between repeated uses. After menstruation, it is boiled in a disinfection box, and after a month it is ready for further use.

Proper menstrual care can be different for each woman. But this is true for all women: listen to your body and feel what you feel. Only then will you not compromise and not give up the best, whatever that means.


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