Humanitarian medical assistance for Ukraine

Since the invasion of the Russian Federation, Ukraine has received almost 4.5 thousand tons of medical aid

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has received almost UAH 6 billion worth of humanitarian aid since the start of active hostilities. This was announced by the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko.


“For 66 days, our doctors have been tirelessly saving the lives and health of thousands of Ukrainians affected by the war. In turn, the world community supports our medical system with humanitarian aid,” Lyashko said.


According to the minister, humanitarian goods from friendly countries arrive at the warehouses every day. Also, many medicines, supplies, and equipment come from major international and charitable organizations such as WHO and UNICEF. In total, Ukraine has already received 4,485 tons of humanitarian supplies worth almost UAH 6 billion.


As Lyashko noted, medical humanitarian aid has already been distributed so that Ukrainian hospitals function continuously.


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