how to protect yourself from a heart attack?

Unmanageable risk factors

✔ Gender. Men get sick more often and die suddenly. Doctors half-jokingly say up to 40 years of age, women are protected by their sex hormones, and a man is only a woman next to him.

✔ Age. Unfortunately, after forty and even after thirty in our time, a heart attack is a natural combination of circumstances. Men’s heart attacks have become younger because of their lifestyle and attitude to it: they have a lot of work, they don’t sleep much, they lead a nocturnal lifestyle, they are nervous a lot, and eat irregularly.

✔ Heredity. We have a tendency to the same diseases as our relatives of the first and second line of kinship: parents, brothers, and sisters, grandparents – especially with the same lifestyle and diet, attitude to problems.


Managed risk factors

✔ Alcohol consumption, smoking, sedentary lifestyle.

✔ Chronic stress.

✔ Increased pressure. The main thing is to recognize it in time. Problems start from an incorrect lifestyle and can turn into complications in the brain, neck vessels, heart, kidneys, and leg vessels. So with increased pressure figures, you need to go to a medical institution.

✔ Elevated sugar levels, which indicates a metabolic disorder. The pancreas responds to improper nutrition with an increased release of sugar. People with high blood sugar get a heart attack faster. This is an even more negative factor than the rest combined.

✔ High cholesterol. Doctors focus on the level of bad cholesterol and the ratio between good and bad. If little depends on us with the first category of risks, then in the second case everything is in our hands: a healthy lifestyle, positive thinking, timely examinations. In addition, there are many means for the prevention and prevention of the disease: vitamins for blood vessels, active additives, and much more. Now there is a large selection of natural drugs that will not harm and will not give a load on the liver. Do not neglect this. Any disease is easier to prevent!


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