Men are considered to be the strong sex. However, any, the strongest and most courageous person suddenly becomes defenseless and extremely embarrassed, faced with problems in the intimate sphere. Let’s try to figure out how sex and prostatitis are connected and why many Russian men of working age have deviations from the norm in this function, which is so important for a full life.

A group of Russian scientists decided to find out how things are with sex in Russian men. It turned out that 90% of respondents over the age of 25 years periodically experience erectile dysfunction. Half of them have problems with potency before the age of 45, and a third of Russian men closer to fifty, on their own initiative, completely stop having sex. By the age of 57, 80% of male Russians have completely abandoned sex. Unfortunately, as the survey has shown, the representatives of the strong half of humanity themselves, for the most part, do not consider the recorded symptoms alarming at all.

Where does sex go?

The level of a man’s sexuality is realized in potency, which has its own parameters:

  • Sex drive strength: strong – weak.
  • Duration and quality of erection: long, persistent – short, weak.
  • The duration of the breaks between intercourse.

Urologists say that one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction) is inflammation of the prostate gland or prostatitis. This is a very common disease of the male genital area, which is faced by many men over the age of 25.

“Antisexual” manifestations of prostatitis, forcing men to avoid communicating with the opposite sex, are very diverse: deterioration of erection or frequent nocturnal erections, accelerated ejaculation (associated with a decrease in the threshold of excitation of the orgasmic center of the nervous system) and the so-called erased orgasm (dullness of sensations), pain during and after sex … Almost any decrease in potency with its qualitative violation can be a sign of developing the disease.


From “I DO NOT WANT” to “I CAN’T”

Бесплатное стоковое фото с бойфренд, в помещении, влюбленные

In addition, psychological problems are superimposed on the situation. Most often, a young (or not very young) person loses confidence and tries even more to avoid intimacy, withdraws into himself, and does not make contact. The changed behavior of a man becomes the cause of quarrels in the family, as the second half begins to suspect a loss of attraction to himself or betrayal. Misunderstandings arise an ice age sets in relations with a sexual partner. Unfortunately, many couples who are confronted with the chronic form of this disease end up breaking up.

Uncomfortable in itself, prostatitis is extremely dangerous also by the consequences that it can provoke in the absence of proper treatment. The disease can go on without symptoms for years and make itself felt at the most inopportune moment. But even in the presence of painful sensations, many representatives of the stronger sex are ashamed to talk about this problem, hoping for a positive outcome without treatment. Such unreasonable behavior leads to dire consequences over time. The result of advanced male prostatitis is impotence, infertility, and later, possibly, prostate cancer.

How to bring back the joy of sex?

It is important to know how prostatitis manifests itself, how to protect yourself from it. But it is equally important to know another thing – it is being treated. In order not to face the irreparable, at first symptoms of the disease, it is worth visiting a urologist. Today, there are many known practices for treating prostatitis – from medication to surgical.
Still, it is better to prevent an ailment than to cure it later. Better prevention of prostatitis than regular sex with a regular partner has not yet been invented. With constant sexual activity (albeit with the obligatory ejaculation), a natural massage of the prostate occurs. This helps to avoid stagnation of prostatic juice and reduces the risk of bacterial growth in the ducts of the prostate gland, so the chances of developing the disease are minimized.



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