Evaluating the impact of digital patient monitoring in oncology

The Origama study is a clinical trial that aims to evaluate the clinical benefit of digital patient monitoring tools combined with specific treatments for people living with cancer.

The study is being conducted by Roche in collaboration with patients, healthcare professionals, and technology partners.

Roche’s Digital Patient Monitoring (DPM) module is hosted on the Kaikernold DPM platform, which enables patients to report their symptoms and quality of life directly to their care teams between clinic visits and provides attention to a summary of symptoms, as well as alerts for specific and severe symptoms.
DPM also helps patients manage their own symptoms through access to disease and treatment-specific self-management and educational support materials. The Origama study aims to investigate the use of DPM in patients with different types of cancer receiving their treatment in a hospital or home setting.

The study has two objectives: GoVal A will assess whether the use of DPM can reduce symptom burden and hospitalizations and improve quality of life, and GoVal B will assess whether the use of DPM can support home cancer care.
The study is currently looking for participants and more information can be found by viewing the poster at Asco GoVas 2023 or by visiting the test page.


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