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Today’s event was the Women’s Health Innovation Summit in Basel

The aim of the event was to bring together partners, ecosystems, and people who care about women’s health to discuss the different problems that cannot be solved alone but can be solved by working together.
The event was a fantastic opportunity for people to chat, discuss, and network with each other.
The final results were positive, with people smiling and having fun.

This event was also a preparation for the FAM Technology Summit in June.

Roche has several event tools, including intergalactic talks that travel around the world, Roche Digital Innovation Week that brings all members of the organization together to discuss specific topics such as women’s health, and start-up days which will take place in September.

These events are there to enable real collaboration and bring people together to discuss specific topics.

InnoLab’s activity and role in women’s health at Roche is to unite and connect business issues identified across the organization in the area of women’s health with potential digital solutions outside of the market and ecosystem.

InnoLab is constantly looking for business opportunities, real challenges, and problems, builds a portfolio, and looks for digital solutions to experiment and explore.

The goal is to see if your hypothesis can match the identified digital solution, and then scale it later in the organization.

The Women’s Health Innovation Summit is an annual event that connects key industry stakeholders in women’s health, including pharmaceutical companies, investors, medical device companies, biotech companies, startups, femtech, contributors, researchers, HCPs, consultants, and more, looking to drive innovation. at the convergence of health and technology. Other similar events include the Reproductive Health Innovation Summit and the ASIA Women’s Health Innovation Summit


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