Introduction of insulin

How to inject insulin

Insulin is delivered to the body using insulin syringes (so-called insulin syringes), insulin pens, or an insulin pump. Insulin is injected under the skin, usually in the area where there is more fat — the upper arm, abdomen, upper buttocks, or the front of the thighs.

The injection site determines the rate of insulin absorption. It is absorbed most quickly from the abdomen, then from the buttocks, and arms, and most slowly from the hips. It is not recommended to apply on the hands and thighs before scheduled sports competitions, as this may worsen the absorption of insulin. In the case of using insulin pens or syringes, it is necessary to create a so-called skin fold.

For example, if we are on the road and not at home, it is always necessary to disinfect the room before use. Then we insert the needle at an angle of about 90 ° to the surface of the body in the appropriate place, after which we inject insulin under the skin. Wait for 5 to 10 seconds before pulling out the needle. This will contribute to better absorption of insulin.


Insulin should not be administered if the area is red, swollen, or painful. The reason is not only unpleasant pain but also a decrease in the quality of suction. Therefore, injection sites should be changed regularly to avoid solidification, due to which insulin is very poorly absorbed into the body. Careful care is needed to make sure that the injection areas heal well. Their hydration is effective with hemp or comfrey ointments and creams, which also promote proper healing.

When injecting insulin, attention should also be paid to its proper storage.

It lasts a maximum of 3 weeks at room temperature. If we need to store it for a longer period of time, it needs to be stored in the refrigerator. Insulin is also sensitive to temperature fluctuations — when freezing or exposed to temperatures above 40 °With it, it loses its healing properties. Needles on insulin pens or syringes can be reused and changed as they become blunt and the bite becomes painful. When using an insulin pump, the cannula changes ideally after 3-4 days.

Proper administration of insulin is very important in treatment, so follow all the recommendations of doctors or diabetologists. Always mix the contents of the vial before injecting insulin, but never shake it. The resulting foaming may affect the amount of insulin injected. The bottle can be turned over several times in your hand or simply rubbed in your palms.


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