Timely detection of high blood pressure

By 2030, the European Union will lose up to 72 million people due to cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, according to some experts, up to 80 percent of premature deaths caused in this way can already be prevented by proper prevention. It also includes a consistent measurement of blood pressure.
The not very encouraging report was prepared by experts from the European Cardiology Network, the European Society of Cardiology, and the British Heart Foundation’s Health Promotion Research Group.

The report sees the main culprit in the unhealthy lifestyle of Europeans. Cigarettes, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress — are some of the most common problems that cause high blood pressure and, consequently, cardiovascular diseases.

At the same time, the vast majority of them can be prevented with the help of appropriate prevention, which in the long term will return blood pressure to safe values. In addition to appropriate lifestyle modifications, regular pressure measurement is also carried out.

The measurements refer to the silent killer

High blood pressure may not have more serious symptoms. People who suffer from it often have no idea about it (that’s why among doctors it is sometimes called a silent killer). For these reasons, it is necessary to regularly measure blood pressure, for example, at a therapist or at home with a personal tonometer. They are becoming more and more popular and, in addition, allow you to measure pressure in other home conditions. This also contributes to a more accurate measurement of values.

“The result of measuring blood pressure is influenced by a number of factors, such as previous physical exertion or mental state affected by the so-called white coat syndrome. In the case of household pressure gauges, the measurement conditions can be better controlled. It is ideal to measure blood pressure in the morning and in the evening, while the two weekly averages for morning and evening measurements are the most informative for doctors,” explains Marketa Pilna from HARTMANN — RICO.

Whitecoat syndrome

Whitecoat syndrome is a phenomenon that occurs in patients who are afraid of the medical environment. The moment they cross the threshold of the operating room, they begin to feel anxious, anxious and insecure, which they cannot consciously influence. This condition is accompanied by rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and sometimes sweating. Therefore, your doctor will always measure their high blood pressure. However, these values do not reflect the actual state of the patient’s health, they are only a reaction of the body to a stressful situation. Statistics show that this condition occurs in 1/3 of patients whose elevated blood pressure was measured for the first time. Therefore, the doctor should diagnose high blood pressure only after 3 measurements, when 2 of the 3 measurements exceed normal values. For patients suffering from white coat syndrome, it is advisable to re-measure the values in a quiet home environment,

The Tensoval duo control pressure gauge from HARTMANN-RICO is used to accurately measure pressure at home. The new generation pressure gauge is equipped with an output via a USB port, which allows you to connect to a computer and the new Tensoval Cardio Management online web application. The application is used for the convenient transfer of measurement results from the pressure gauge to the portal, where it generates graphical reports from them. It evaluates personal data, keeps a measurement history, and allows you to print the final report for the needs of the doctor. Thus, instead of one-time measurements in the operating room, the doctor receives valuable information that will help him to optimize individual treatment and prescribe suitable medications.


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