How, without suspecting, we suppress libido?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy libido in a long-term relationship, many factors come into play. The delicate balance between health and desire can be easily disrupted by various everyday circumstances that we often overlook. Let’s explore some of the most amazing factors that can interfere with our sexual lives.

One such factor is our sense of smell. Smell plays a vital role in partner pheromone recognition and can significantly influence sexual behavior. A 2012 Swedish study found that men who lack the sense of smell tend to have fewer sexual partners than those who don’t. Furthermore, women who lack the sense of smell often feel more insecure about their intimate relationships. Experts explain that many “social signals” are communicated through the olfactory canal and, if there are disruptions in it, they can be missed, leading to sexual dissatisfaction.

Another factor that can affect our sex drive is our diet. If we are trying to lose weight, the desire to do so can have a side effect on our libido. Losing weight too quickly puts the body under stress, which can stimulate the production of the hormone prolactin, suppressing sexual desire. The levels of estrogen and testosterone can also be affected, leading to irregular menstrual cycles in women. When we lose more than 10% of our weight, the body “thinks” that we are starving, which can negatively affect sexual interest.

Even something as seemingly harmless as a cold or flu can temporarily lower testosterone levels and, therefore, negatively impact sex drive in both men and women.

Lastly, although high heels may give women a sexier appearance, they can also make sex less enjoyable. Wearing high heels every day can tilt the body forward, forcing the postural muscles to contract to maintain an upright position. If the pelvic floor muscles are constantly contracting, they can become tense, restricting the passage of nerve impulses to the reproductive organs. This can ultimately affect the female orgasm.

In conclusion, maintaining a healthy sex drive requires paying attention to the subtle factors that can interfere with our intimate lives. From our sense of smell to our diet and even our choice of footwear, there are many surprising factors to consider when it comes to keeping the passion alive in a long-term relationship.


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