what is hair keratosis?

Do you have rough, dry skin? Do you know what hair keratosis is, how it manifests itself and how to get rid of it? Hair keratosis (also known as follicular keratosis and follicular keratosis) is a non-infectious skin disease. This is a harmless, but also unaesthetic skin condition.
Characteristic features are dry rough areas on the skin and small pimples that most often appear on the back of the hands, thighs, buttocks, or cheeks. If symptoms appear on visible parts of the body, keratosis of the scalp can cause discomfort, and a problem that began as a cosmetic one can also develop into psychological difficulties. Keratin (part of the skin) clogs the hair follicles and forms tiny pimples. As a result, the upper layers of the skin are strengthened, which is rough and uneven to the touch – hence the name “chicken skin”.

Although chicken skin is incurable, its symptoms can be alleviated with appropriate regular cosmetic care. It is necessary to maintain the natural exfoliation of the skin, for example, salicylic acid or LHA are suitable, which help to remove dead cells and smooth the skin.

Intensive and long-lasting hydration also plays an important role. In particular, body products with urea (a natural moisturizing component) are suitable for everyday skincare. Urea blocks and binds water in the skin, and also prevents keratinization. Preparations containing ceramides or chloric acid provide, in addition to nutrition and hydration, also a higher resistance to the protective skin barrier.

For best results, use lotions or body creams that do not contain perfumes and dyes. Choose so-called non-comedogenic products that do not clog pores and prefer textures that are well absorbed without loading the skin. Laundry preparations are also important. They should not dry out, promote gentle exfoliation and smoothing of the skin.

Then apply cream or milk several times a day to the affected area of the body. Do not hesitate to consult with your doctor or dermatologist about the most appropriate care.


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