One of the risk factors for the development of this inflammatory disease of the prostate gland is precisely a long break in sexual activity, which leads to stagnation of blood and secretions in the prostate. During sexual contact, the muscles of the gland contract, a large amount of blood is supplied to it, which means oxygen, metabolic processes are activated. As a result, tissue breakdown products are removed from the body.

Doctors advise in case of prostatitis (of course, not in the acute stage – then the man simply has no time for sex) regular sex life is one of the ways to treat this disease. One thing to remember is that if the inflammation is caused by an infection, sex must be protected.


Today, a connection has been established between having sex and mastopathy. It turned out that women who have a regular sex life are much less likely to have mastopathy, which means that their risk of developing a breast tumor is also low.

This fact is explained by the fact that during lovemaking, hormones are produced that strengthen immunity and increase resistance to stress. And stress is one of the main reasons for the development of mastopathy.

You just need to understand that such an effect is provided by exceptionally high-quality sex, which brings satisfaction to a woman.


Menstrual irregularities
Women who have a regular sex life are much less likely to suffer from cycle disruptions, as well as such an unpleasant condition as oligomenorrhea – painful menstruation, in contrast to those who do not have sexual intercourse or have sex only from time to time.


Sleep disturbances
Endorphins, the pleasure hormones produced during sex, combined with the expenditure of a lot of energy, all have a calming, relaxing effect and help you fall asleep quickly. This is especially true for men. So instead of sleeping pills, good, quality sex is fine.


Memory impairment
With age, a person’s memory deteriorates: he becomes forgetful, it is difficult to remember new information. But if older people maintain an intimate relationship and have sex at least a couple of times a month, their memory and intelligence are strengthened.


The most common excuse of a woman: “My head hurts.” But in fact, in this situation, intimate relationships may well replace the pain reliever. Indeed, with sexual arousal, a large number of endorphins are thrown into the bloodstream, which has the property of relieving pain. So we can say that sex heals the headache.


Oddly enough, lovemaking can help you recover faster from a cold. It turned out that sex increases the production of class A immunoglobulins, which provide local immunity. Of course, at high temperatures, fever, the body is too weak and cannot expend energy on sex. But if a cold disease is mild, then a couple of times a week sexual contact is quite acceptable. The main thing here is not to infect your partner.


Many relieve nervous tension with alcohol. But it’s much better, more enjoyable, and safer to discharge through sex. First, after sexual intercourse, there is a pleasant relaxation. Secondly, a large number of endorphins – hormones of joy – are produced. Thirdly, if both partners are enjoying themselves, there is also a sense of satisfaction. All this reduces the feeling of anxiety, gives a feeling of fullness of life, drives away anxious thoughts.

After 40 years, high blood pressure, unfortunately, is not uncommon. But it should not serve as a reason for abandoning intimate relationships. On the contrary, regular and quality sex helps keep blood pressure within normal limits. After all, the cause of his jumps is often stressed, and lovemaking perfectly relieves the consequences of nervous overload (see above).

Of course, if the arrow on the tonometer goes off scale, there is no need to talk about any joys of sex – and even your health will not allow you to show violent passion. If the pressure is more or less normal, then sexual contact will not harm at all, but, on the contrary, will have a beneficial effect on health. You just need to adhere to a few rules. Postpone lovemaking if you feel the pressure is building up. Avoid head-down poses. Well, more tenderness and romance – hard sex with hypertension is undesirable.


Stones in the kidneys
Yes Yes exactly. And this is confirmed by a study by Turkish scientists. It has been shown that regular sexual activity promotes the spontaneous release of small kidney stones. If, with standard treatment, only half of the subjects got rid of stones, then in the group where, instead of drugs, men were prescribed sex at least 3 times a week, the result was much more impressive – more than 80% of patients had stones.



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