With the confirmed cases of Monkeypox growing week by week across multiple continents, it is alarming to note that the outbreak has already spread to 58 countries through local community transmission. The total number of confirmed cases currently stands at 3,417, and this number is expected to increase further, posing a major threat to public health worldwide.

Historically, Monkeypox has been known to cause severe pain, scarring, blindness, and even death. This outbreak has so far spared children, but as community transmission continues to expand, it is likely that they will increasingly become infected, raising concerns about the severity of the illness in younger populations.

The danger of transmission to wildlife is equally concerning, particularly rodents such as mice, rats, squirrels, and domesticated pets, which could become a reservoir for the virus and spread it further across the world, perpetuating the ongoing risk of human infection. In light of these worrying developments, the World Health Network (WHN) has declared the Monkeypox outbreak a Public Health Emergency of Global Concern, emphasizing the need for immediate action to be taken in all areas experiencing community transmission to minimize the impact of this outbreak on public health and modify daily life to avoid exposure.


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