Restless legs syndrome

It is characterized by excruciating pathological pain in the calves, which decreases with movement. Pain also interrupts sleep. Repeated awakenings can seriously disrupt the continuity of sleep and increase daytime fatigue and inability to do anything. The reasons are individual. From disorders in patients after dialysis to pregnancy.


In the experiment, it was found that the disorder responds to the action of L-DOPA and dopaminergic agonists, apparently, the cause may be a functional disorder of the basal ganglia of the brain. (Dopamine is one of the transmitters of brain signals.) Factors contributing to the development of polyneuropathy due to incorrectly compensated diabetes and disrupting the mechanism by which brain cells receive and process iron are also considered. Hereditary predisposition plays a role in most patients. The syndrome affects people with anemia and blood clotting disorders. The causes can be detected at the level of the spinal cord, as a result of injuries or operations, as well as degenerative and rheumatic processes. The situation is aggravated by alcohol consumption and smoking.

In holistic medicine and thanks to measurements in EAV, we track phenomena related to heavy metals: these include the presence of amalgam seals. Two hundred years ago Hahnemann wrote: “Iron for the blood is zinc for the nerves.” And he also used this medicine in patients with constant nervous movements of the legs and feet, who feel nervous exhaustion, for example, after long training, overnight stays… and also in patients who describe slowness of thinking and imagination.


It is obvious to consider this disease as autoimmune since it often accompanies these diseases and the symptom of restless legs is then only a concomitant symptom of a general disease. Each person has a syndrome manifested by a slightly different combination of the described symptoms. In addition, relief occurs differently for each patient. The use of ointments, menthol creams, and sleeping pills cannot solve the problem. A similar inefficiency occurs when taking iron, magnesium, and drugs for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.


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