Questions you were afraid to ask your doctor

Usually we are not shy at the doctor and tell him about all the problems. And this is absolutely correct. But there are questions, mainly from the intimate sphere or concerning the natural functions of the body, which we are embarrassed to ask about. Nevertheless, they bother us. Here are some of these problems.

1. Why do I have pain when having sex?

Мужчина и женщина, лежащие на кровати

Pain during intercourse can be caused by several reasons.

Perineal pain can be caused by scar tissue from tears or incisions during childbirth. Massage with water lubricants, pain-relieving ointments will help. If the pain does not go away within six months, the scar can be removed surgically.

Pain and burning sensation when rubbing the penis against the vagina is a result of vaginal dryness. Use a lubricant.

Painful sensations during sex can be caused by the bending of the uterus.

Pain with deep penetration and after intercourse can talk about endometriosis, sharp pain in the side – about an ovarian cyst, itching, pain, and burning sensation – about a fungal infection, acute pain – about vulvovaginitis, pain inside – about uterine fibroids. In all these cases, treatment is necessary.


2. Why am I not enjoying sex?

Decreased sexual desire (frigidity) can be physiological due to underdevelopment of the genital area, hormonal deficiency. Symptomatic frigidity occurs as a result of various diseases and conditions – anemia, thyroid malfunction, diseases of the brain or spinal cord, after gynecological diseases or childbirth. In this case, the decrease in libido is temporary and disappears after the treatment of the underlying disease. The reasons can also be severe fatigue, depression, stress. Sometimes the psyche of a woman interferes with the manifestations of sexuality due to the Puritan upbringing received in childhood or internal complexes.

3. Is it possible to have sexual contact on critical days?

You can have sex during your period, but you don’t need to. The fact is that during this period it is very easy to bring an infection into the uterine cavity, since it opens slightly. Sex is especially dangerous these days for those who have gynecological inflammatory diseases. In addition, sexual intercourse can cause severe bleeding. Therefore, doctors recommend refraining from having sex during menstruation.

4. Why does feces contain blood?

Dark blood in feces or on toilet paper indicates a problem with the intestines and stomach: diverticulum, obstruction, inflammation, ulcers. If diarrhea occurs, then most likely the cause is an infection (dysentery, amebiasis). Blood of a bright scarlet color appears with anal fissures, constipation, hemorrhoids.

But sometimes foods, such as beets or tomatoes, are colored red in feces.

5. Why do acne pop up on the pope?

Most often, small red pimples on the buttocks appear due to insufficient ventilation of this part of the body – because, as a rule, it is always covered with clothes and the skin on it does not breathe. To ventilate your skin, do not wear pajamas to sleep, but rather sleep naked. Choose underwear made from cotton fabrics, avoid jeans that are too tight, or at least don’t wear them all the time.

With purulent pimples, it is advisable to visit a dermatologist, as they can be a manifestation of an infection.

6. Why does my hair smell bad?

Женщина в белой рубашке с длинными рукавами

Bad smell from hair, even immediately after shampooing, can be a symptom of hormonal changes, in particular, increased production of androgens. It can be caused by stress, as well as fungus or seborrhea. But often it is not possible to identify the cause of this phenomenon, which causes severe psychological discomfort.



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