Mental health during the coronavirus. How to stay in good shape?

Quarantine, work from home, homeschooling, temporary unemployment, restriction of movement and communication with loved ones, fear of illness – these are typical features of today. Everything is turned upside down because of the coronavirus, so to speak, and it is not surprising that many of us feel depressed, worried, and insecure. Psychological stress and the need to face the daily influx of bad news are reflected in the psyche of each of us. Let’s see what the experts advise in order to cope with the situation as best as possible.

Try to stick to your usual daily routine, and if that’s not possible, create a new one:
Get up and go to bed at the same time every day.
Pay attention to a varied and balanced diet, eat regularly.
Take a minute to exercise every day – it can be a walk in the fresh air or exercise at home.
Do what makes you happy. Go back to the activities that you liked earlier in your life, and for various reasons, you left them (playing a musical instrument, art classes, needlework, etc.)
Properly monitor reports
If you are concerned about information from the media, limit tracking. For example, set a rule according to which you check the latest information only once a day.

Social contacts are important
Even if you can’t meet your loved ones in person, use other methods – call by phone or stay in touch on the Internet.

Don’t Deal with Stress with alcohol
Alcohol is an inappropriate way to overcome anxiety, anxiety, boredom, and social isolation. This, of course, does not help against viral infections. On the contrary, it can increase the risk, because people under the influence of alcohol, as a rule, do not strictly follow all the rules and hygiene measures.


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