How to properly care for the skin around the eyes?

Did you know that the care of the eye area has its own specifics and it is important not only to choose the right products but also their subsequent use? In order for your skin to remain supple and maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible, it is necessary to start caring for it as soon as possible.
So how to effectively care for the area around the eyes?
It is based on the use of the right products that are sufficiently gentle and suitable for sensitive eye areas. At the same time, they should be suitable for those who wear contact lenses and undergo ophthalmological tests. High-quality eye creams have the ability to regenerate, moisturize, lighten and, above all, strengthen and fight wrinkles

What about using day and night creams in the eye area?
Both day and night creams do not have a sufficient formula for use on sensitive areas of the eyes. They can cause skin irritation and, in addition, the texture is not as well absorbed by delicate skin as eye products. You can choose eye creams and gels. Then from brightening, soothing, or cooling eye masks. For women who have bags or dark circles under their eyes, special eye serums are suitable.


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