How skin changes during pregnancy

Fluctuations in hormone levels during pregnancy affect the condition of your skin. How is your skin changing and what about it? Find out where you can get free skin diagnostics and how it can help you. Changes in skin character are responsible for hormones that fluctuate during pregnancy. Mostly they can be caused by the correction of sebum production.


Dry or oily skin
You may come across a fairly common claim that skin tends to be more oily during pregnancy. This may be true for normal to combination skin with an oily T-zone. Conversely, dry skin may dry out even further, and signs of eczema may appear or worsen. Problematic skin during pregnancy is unlikely to go away if it is prescribed genetically or hormonally, but if acne is more related to lifestyle, unhealthy diet and sins in the form of alcohol and cigarettes, then acne can significantly recede during pregnancy. In addition, more blood circulates in the body of a pregnant woman, so even small veins in the skin are slightly, but for a long time, full. This, too, can cause further changes on your face.


How to set up your skincare routine?
To be able to adequately respond to changes in your skin, you first need to figure out exactly what is going on. Is your skin losing hydration or increasing sebum production? Is the melamine content of your skin increasing or is its elasticity decreasing? Find out the real condition of your skin during a diagnostic examination, now you don’t even need to see a doctor. In all Dr. Max pharmacies, where there is a dermocenter, professional skin diagnostics are carried out free of charge and without prior ordering. The whole procedure takes place right in the pharmacy, it takes a total of about 15 minutes, during which Dermopadadec examines your skin using a special diagnostic device. Based on the results, he can immediately recommend the appropriate care for your skin. You can find a list of Dr. Max pharmacies with dermo centers here.

You can face a number of dermatological problems during pregnancy:
Pale skin, bloodless lips
Dilated veins, red spots on the face
Atopic eczema
If you notice any of the above symptoms, talk to a dermatologist or dermatologist at your pharmacy. To a large extent, most of these problems can be solved with commonly available cosmetics. Hormonal fluctuations and other physiological processes associated with pregnancy cannot be controlled and are undesirable for pregnancy. However, you can respond to the change by changing your skin care habits and living a healthy lifestyle.


Remember to take care of your whole body
Rapid stretching of the skin around the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and breasts can cause stretch marks, ugly scars that never go away completely. The only option is prevention. Lubricate critical areas with an anti-stretch mark cream or oil daily, and thorough care will return to you in the form of minimal skin damage.


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