How not to gain weight in the summer? 10 tips

How to have fun and not gain weight? 10 tips for not only the summer menu:

Let’s start with planning. If you plan to stay by the sea, choose the option of eating without food or all inclusive. Don’t change your habits too much regarding the regime and amount of food, just expand your gastronomic repertoire to try local delicacies.


Eat according to the season! Take advantage of the season of ripe fruits and vegetables, which with a high water content will refresh us and facilitate our rich diet, as well as provide us with valuable minerals, vitamins, enzymes and various protective substances, many of which support our immunity. .


Eat locally! In the seaside direction, let’s fully enjoy fish and seafood, local cheeses, high-quality olive oil, unknown or little-known vegetables and local dishes.


Regularity? Definitely yes! Strategically, it is not worth skipping lunch with the remark that it is too hot and we are not hungry anyway, the more we consume dinner, which so likes to move into our fat reserves.


A lean dinner? Meat, including fish or other protein source – cheeses, especially fresh cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt dressings, eggs, legumes or products made from them (tofu, tempo) with lots of vegetables.


What are we limiting? We dedicate classic side dishes, including pastries, and free space on the plate to variously cooked or raw vegetables.


Healthy desserts? Definitely yes: for dessert there can be chilled fruits, fruit sorbet, but, of course, we sometimes try the classic dessert in the place where we spend our holidays. Do you watch your weight? We share dessert with a partner or a friend, watch one cake with several teaspoons, choose a type with fruit, not butter cream, and “sin” at lunch, not in the evening.


Beware of cocktails with alcohol! It goes well with sitting by the pool or on the terrace, but if our balance or will is not the strongest, let’s choose a glass of dry wine and alternate minor sins with plenty of fresh water.


Movement? Do you have the right to rest? Definitely yes, but do not succumb to the persuasions of your brain that we have come to rest and do not even get up from the couch. Most of us work at a desk at a computer, so our brain is overloaded, but our body is not used. Let’s give the brain a rest, give it oxygen and endorphins from a quick walk on the beach or swimming. We will spend a passive rest playing badminton, tennis or beach volleyball.


Sleep, siesta, rest, good mood, enjoy precious time with your loved ones or friends, recharge your energy in everyday life! Become a fan of adequacy so that you feel good even after the holidays!


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