How can AI improve healthcare? Conversation with Giovanni Briganti

A physician, scientist, AI expert, and academic, Dr. Giovanni is driven by a passion to bridge the gap between medical studies and patient care using AI systems. He believes that AI can improve patient outcomes, enhance physician capabilities, and support healthcare institutions in data management and workflows. AI tools such as apps and green momentary assessments empower patients, allowing them to play an active role in their healthcare. Dr. Giovanni is particularly excited about back-office healthcare technologies that streamline processes and free up healthcare professionals to focus on patient care. He is also optimistic about the increasing adoption of AI in the prediction, diagnosis, and treatment of patients, leading to better clinical practices.

In the next 10 years, Dr. Giovanni hopes to bring about a cultural shift in which every unit and department of hospitals and general practices adopts its own AI projects. His goal is to foster a successful AI implementation mindset, with pilot projects being adopted and integrated into routine clinical practices in all healthcare settings.

Action Items:

Promote the adoption of AI systems in healthcare to improve patient care and outcomes.
Promote the development and implementation of administrative health technologies to streamline processes and improve efficiency.
Support the integration of AI tools for prediction, diagnosis, and treatment into routine clinical practice through rigorous clinical studies and evidence-based research.
Empower patients by leveraging AI tools that enable greater autonomy and participation in their healthcare decisions.
Advocate for a cultural shift where each hospital and department initiates and adopts its own AI projects, with the goal of transforming healthcare practices on a broader scale


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