Influenza is a highly contagious viral disease affecting all age groups. The causes of influenza are viruses. They come in different types (A, B, C) and undergo minor or major changes every year. This is associated with the massive incidence of this disease (from epidemic to pandemic).
How does the flu manifest itself?
rapid onset of the disease (incubation period from 1 to 4 days)
fever, often with chills and chills
nausea, headache, eyes, muscles and joints
cough – dry, irritating (later with expectoration of mucus)
feeling of a stuffy nose, swelling of the throat or conjunctivitis
anorexia, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea (often in children)

Who is more inclined?
children under 2 years old and pensioners over 65 years old
chronic patients (diabetics, asthmatics, people with kidney and heart diseases)
patients with hematopoiesis and immunity disorders
patients undergoing cancer treatment
persons at high risk of infection in the profession (for example, medical workers, teachers)
For these groups and people who may be at risk, regular vaccination every year before the flu season is recommended as an effective prevention. We are vaccinated in October and November (depending on the situation) with a vaccine prepared in accordance with the recommendations for this year.


What can you do for yourself?
in case of a viral infection and during recovery, observe a rest regime (stay at home, do not spread the infection)
ensure adequate fluid intake (each increase in body temperature by 1 °C above normal body temperature increases the need for fluid by 12%)
Constantly pay attention to hygiene – the infection is transmitted by droplets, which after drying can remain on the surface of objects (pens, phones, computer keyboards, banknotes) for several hours.
Avoid contact with eyes and nose
Avoid contact with infected people
regularly ventilate
avoid places with an increased risk of infection (cinemas, restaurants)
When to see a doctor?
whenever you belong to the risk group
for shortness of breath, chest pain, cough with purulent mucus
when the temperature returns during early recovery
from ear and nose pain


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