Don’t let the skin suffer under the mask

Wearing a veil is not very good. Even women who usually don’t have skin problems have pimples, spots, pimples and other imperfections. Read our tips on how to take care of the skin under the veil so that it remains soft and supple and is your pride even after the end of the “veil period”.
Experts have found out that if you wear a veil for more than an hour a day, problems begin to appear. The skin under the sheet is exposed to moisture from the exhaled air, there is an increased production of sebum, bacteria and yeast thrive in heat and moisture, which can cause skin problems – pimples, pimples, redness, irritation, scales, etc. In addition, drapery can cause mechanical irritation of the skin, especially in the face area (the root of the nose, above the ears or behind them).

The veil does not seem to be removed just like that, so you need to learn how to take care of the skin that has been subjected to an unusual load. In general, we can say that we choose cosmetic care based on the current condition of the skin, i.e. that the cosmetics that you are used to will be replaced with one that takes into account the skin problems that you are currently facing, be it acne or tenderness, irritation or other shortcomings. It is also important for the skin that you change the veil every time. Do not forget to thoroughly wash and disinfect your hands before touching the skin.

Cleansing the skin remains the basis of care
As in normal conditions, skin care is based on its cleansing. Clean dirt, excess sebum and sweat with a lotion, a mild cleansing gel or micellar water . We clean the skin with a suitable tonic depending on the skin type – if the skin is prone to acne, we choose products either directly for problem skin, or for combination and oily skin (with zinc, salicylic acid, bisabolol, etc.)

It is not recommended to use makeup under a veil, however, if you apply makeup to your eyes, use special eye makeup remover that does not irritate the eyes to remove eye makeup. Always remove the eyes with a swab from the outer corner to the inner. For perfect cleansing and toning of the skin, use a lotion or tonic that will optimally prepare the skin for further care. For daily cleansing of the skin, we can also include peeling once a week – a classic or a milder enzyme. Peeling effectively removes dead skin cells, contributing to faster skin regeneration.

What skin cosmetics should I use under a veil?
After the perfect cleansing and toning of the skin, the skin is ready to apply a caring cream. We apply only light moisturizing creams to the skin under the veil, for example, based on thermal waters. Apply the cream to the skin an hour before applying the veil so that it is well absorbed. We keep nourishing creams or regenerating oils for the skin exclusively for evening care. Of course, we can also treat ourselves to a regenerating or refreshing mask. To refresh the skin during the day, we will advise you a great helper – a spray with thermal water. You can refresh your skin with thermal water every time you change the veil. If you have abrasions on the root of the nose or behind the ears, use a regenerating cream or ointment with dexpanthenol, which have a significant therapeutic effect.

Beware of the sun
If you stay outside under a veil, do not forget to treat your face with sunscreen or use day creams with UV protection factor to treat the whole face. This will prevent the fact that after removing the drapery, the color of the forehead and the area around the eyes will differ significantly from the shade of the closed parts of the face.


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