Despite the fact that “they like the bald ones best”, hair loss is a concern for many men. However, when looking for a solution to the problem, a question arises that also causes hair loss: does finasteride, the main substance in drugs for the treatment of baldness, cause sexual impotence? So many says, but don’t worry, you’ll love the answer to this question.

Do hair loss medications cause erectile dysfunction?

No. The possibility is even described in the package insert for the drug, but the risk is minimal. Less than 1% of people who have used this substance to treat baldness have reported decreased libido, but not necessarily erection problems. Impotence appears on the list of possible consequences of taking finasteride since Brazilian law requires that all side effects identified during trials be reported on the package insert.

Discontinuation of the drug can reduce sex drive As already explained, the risk of a decrease in sex drive during treatment for baldness is quite small. However, there are reports of loss of libido in patients who have discontinued finasteride after more than 20 years of taking the drug. But many experts believe that decreased sex drive may be due to other non-drug-related factors such as older age, depression, stress, or anxiety..

Why is finasteride so associated with impotence?

The explanation may go beyond what is given on the package insert. Used for over 30 years, this substance is also indicated for prostatic hyperplasia. With this type of treatment, the dosage is five to ten times higher than when used to treat baldness, which can exacerbate some of the side effects of the drug. But this connection has not been proven. Mainly because, as a rule, prostate problems are more common in older people, which justifies reports of problems with erection when taking the drug. Psychological factors such as depression and anxiety may also be more significant in causing possible sexual dysfunction than finasteride itself.

Now that you are already bald, knowing that baldness remedies do not cause impotence, it is worth noting that self-medication is never recommended. Only a specialist will be able to say whether the use of the product is recommended. Finasteride is not suitable for women.


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