Developing Trends in Pharmacy Practice in 2022

The pharmacy business continues to go through a change in 2022, continuing to attempt to match the patient’s requirements and provide better service. And it certainly hasn’t been a normal past few years for drugstores, with many changes and difficult working conditions. There has been a trend towards more virtual services for several years, but the pandemic really sped up that process. This has reduced customer focus on pharmacy services that require them to visit the store. This is just one of the trending developments in pharmacy that will continue in 2022. Let’s look further at this and the other trends in pharmacy practice.


Online Pharmacy Development

There are many opportunities for businesses to create a new online health service that shakes up the pharmacy market. Customers expect a lot more than they used to, and even traditional brick-and-mortar pharmacies are expected to have an online presence and offer some of their services that way.

buying online

Customers are looking for more competitive pricing, and free or low-cost delivery of their medicines is also expected. While pharmacies might have been treated differently from other businesses in the past, customers will readily compare pharmacy services as they would with any other type of retail business.

This has led to more competition in the industry, and better prices for customers. Customers are less likely to be loyal to one particular pharmacy chain if it no longer meets their requirements. With so many other options available to them, they can jump ship to get a better deal very easily.

Smaller community pharmacies have faced many problems even before the pandemic. They have seen cuts to their profit margins, which in some cases has meant them filling prescriptions at a loss. This situation is obviously unsustainable, leading to many smaller pharmacies going out of business.

This increase in competition has led to improvements to services, like same-day medical delivery from big players new to the market. This makes it all the more important to check pharmacy reviews 2022 so that you know what your options are and you can compare the differences available.


Pharmacy Regulation

Telehealth services have opened up access to medical help for certain conditions, reducing costs for underinsured patients. But the regulation in different states isn’t the same.

The pandemic did trigger the reduction of some of these regulations to make medical services easy to access for customers. But even then, the telehealth regulations in a large number of states are considered to be too restrictive for online pharmacies.

This is a situation that is likely to change with consumer demand and expectation. The opening up of telehealth services nationwide should help reduce prescription costs as well as give patients more options to solve their medical needs.

It is hoped that this can in some way bridge the gap between medical pricing in the United States and other developed countries. There does seem to be some regulatory interest in fixing prices at a lower level for consumers.


Medicine Safety

There should be a role in the future for pharmacists to reduce the risk of adverse drug effects. Pharmacists have been educated to understand the disposition of drugs, and so should be able to recognize when adverse drug interactions are going to be a problem. This is particularly an issue with the more treatments a patient needs to take.

With the cost of healthcare being a problem for many, their pharmacy might be their first or most frequent contact with healthcare professionals. Anything that the pharmacist can do to prevent an adverse reaction when taking prescription and non-prescription pills, the better for the patient.


New Technologies

Changing technologies have become increasingly important during a pandemic in order to make services more available for customers. Things like telehealth and health monitoring can allow pharmacies to improve their service. This aids pharmacies to handle services remotely and is something that will be increasingly important and expected going forward.

vaccineWhile pharmacies in many states were not previously allowed to fill prescriptions remotely, this all changed during the pandemic. When customers were no longer attending pharmacies, this change allowed small pharmacies to stay in business and help their local community. This is more and more a part of customer expectation, and pharmacies that are not able to adapt to this will not survive.

Many pharmacies have played a role in COVID vaccinations, and they can continue to offer this type of service to customers even when the pandemic is over.

Remote patient monitoring is a new technology that collects data and makes sure this patient information is passed on to the healthcare providers that need it. It engages patients in the process so that they are encouraged to enter their information and updates into the platform.

Pharmacies can play a crucial role in this system, as they already do many of the things required. Pharmacists are already trained in many important areas and have skills that should help with remote patient monitoring:

  • Interpret patient data
  • Manage medicine treatments
  • Counseling patients for many different types of chronic conditions
  • They are also in a position to distribute information gathering devices

Another technology that will begin to become more popular is telepharmacy. Much like online doctor consultations and similar telehealth services, pharmacists can also aid patient treatment. New technology is increasing the role pharmacists can play in patient health, and this role also has the potential to increase pharmacy profits.

Technology can also be used in pharmacy compounding to verify the meds being produced and ensure they are producing the correct results for the patient.


Patient-Focused Healthcare

There is likely to be an increased push toward patient-focused care. This can be achieved in many ways and goes beyond just filling prescriptions, offering advice, and medication therapy management.

cell phoneOnline storefronts can be better optimized to suit the individual. A better and more personalized pharmacy website experience comes from a better understanding of customers, their health, and what it takes to improve their treatment outcomes.

Customers’ online activity can be monitored, showing their preferences, and the things they avoid. This information can then be used to enhance the patient’s experience based on data-driven goals to streamline the process towards a better outcome.

The pharmacy can further improve patient care and predict trends using social media tracking. This, and other marketing efforts, are ways to offer more personalized care are and allow drugstores to be better prepared for the future.

Demographic data that the pharmacy already possesses, plus additional data from marketing efforts, should enable them to better engage customers and anticipate their needs. Combining these data sources, while improving personalization, should also increase profits.

Loyalty programs can be used to increase customer engagement as well as influence the shoppers’ decisions. This has the potential to highlight areas where the pharmacy is lacking and make changes that should improve the bottom line.


Reducing Medical Costs

The increased cost of healthcare in the US is a very well-documented problem and one that is on the minds of an awful lot of patients. There is some interest in government departments and lawmakers in doing something to cap the cost of medical bills. There are things that pharmacies are likely to do to cut costs and attract more customers as well.

Cutting out some of the stages currently required to help the patient get the medicine they need is certainly one thing that pharmacies can do to reduce the costs to the patient. A direct-to-patient delivery method can connect different healthcare providers in a more seamless manner that reduces costs.

While there are currently many ways to save money by shopping for medical supplies online, this can be risky. There are many pharmacies that might look very reputable but really aren’t. And for the average customer, this is very difficult to discern.

It is easy to choose cheap pills on a legitimate-looking pharmacy site, only to be very disappointed by the results you get in the mail. But there is a darker side to this too. If the pills look like the real thing, the patient will take the meds thinking they got a great deal. However, low-quality drugs might look correct while containing the wrong ingredients.

The only real way to get around this problem is to either do a lot of in-depth research yourself to work out what is a scam and what isn’t, or to get help from somewhere else. If you check pharmacy reviews 2022, you should be able to avoid buying counterfeit or low-quality drugs.



While it has been a difficult few years in medicine and in the world as a whole, it may have produced some advances. In pharmacy, it has produced a push toward remote services that should have long-term benefits for patients.

There is also demand for downwards pressure on the cost of medical services, and pharmacies need to react to this in order to stay in business. Investment in new technologies and strategies offers a way forward for pharmacies that will not only increase their profits but serve their patients better.

Any drugstore that is willing to embrace new ideas and treatment options could become more valuable to their patients. This will improve health as well as save costs. The changes forced on pharmacies during the pandemic can be used to push the industry in a better direction.


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