Dandruff is a problem that can be solved

Dandruff is not contagious, not dangerous, but it can ruin a life. Anyone who has struggled with dandruff in their life will confirm that they can become a real burden on the psyche, and can also complicate social life. This is especially true of teenagers when the victim becomes the object of ridicule. However, with proper care, dandruff can be dealt with.
Dandruff is a small dry scale that occurs due to excessive peeling of the scalp and usually remains on the shoulders. Dandruff can be divided into dry and oily. There is very little dry dandruff, the scalp is dry, itchy, irritated, but otherwise, there are no signs of inflammation – it is not red. Dandruff occurs exclusively on the forehead.

Oily dandruff is much larger and darker than dry, skin flakes from larger flakes. The skin on the head is red, itches, and scratches, which exacerbates the problems. Oily dandruff with inflammatory manifestations on the skin is a symptom of a disease called seborrheic dermatitis and is caused by excessive growth of yeast fungi of the genus Malassezia, which naturally colonize the scalp. With this disease, the skin may peel off in other parts of the body with the appearance of a large number of sebaceous glands (T-zone on the face, chest). Dandruff problems also have a seasonal occurrence – in the winter months, the condition usually worsens, in the summer it improves.

Thus, skin type plays an important role in the development of dandruff – it follows from the above that both dry and oily skin are risk factors for dandruff. Dandruff is more common in men and can be caused by certain diseases (Parkinson’s disease, HIV, immune disorders) and stress. The occurrence of dandruff may also be due to the use of inappropriate cosmetics that dry and irritate the scalp.

What to do against dandruff?
Proper hair care is the key to success in the fight against dandruff. Here are our tips:

Wash your hair often enough. With insufficient hygiene, sebum and dead cells accumulate on the scalp, from which dandruff is formed. People with oily hair should wash them every day.
To wash your hair, use special dermo-cosmetic dandruff shampoos that contain active ingredients against dandruff and at the same time take care of the scalp.
When using dermo-cosmetic shampoos, always follow the instructions – some are left to act for a few minutes after application, others are immediately washed off. Not all are designed for daily washing.
Get rid of stress. Stress is an aggravating circumstance for all health problems, so try to reduce it even with skin problems. Relax, do what you love.
The sun helps. However, while on the street, do not forget to use protective sunscreens and, in general, the rules for safe exposure to the sun.
If you are prone to dandruff, do not wear caps and other hats too tightly.
A little trick at the end. Until you get over dandruff, wear light clothing that won’t see sticky dandruff.
The hair can also be maintained from the inside
Adjusting the diet can also help against dandruff. Experts say that, for example, reducing carbohydrate intake also helps to get rid of dandruff. To enrich your diet with ingredients that are generally beneficial for the skin, hair, and nails, choose products containing vitamins A, B2, biotin, C, copper, zinc, selenium, and amino acids, which are the main building blocks of keratin that make up hair.

What is the difference between dermo-cosmetic shampoos and dandruff?
Dandruff shampoos differ in composition, the concentration of active substances, and method of application. Choose them mainly depending on whether the remedy for dry or oily dandruff is intended. The basis of anti-dandruff shampoos from oily dandruff are ingredients that reduce yeast reproduction (ketoconazole, pyroktonolamine, zinc pyrithione, climbazole, selenium disulfide), as well as ingredients with keratolytic action, that is, those that help soften and remove the stratum corneum (salicylic acid, sulfur, urea). In addition, plant extracts are used to reduce sebum, panthenol for a soothing effect, tea tree oil for disinfection, and much more. As already mentioned, it is ideal to distribute dandruff shampoos from time to time and persistently engage in targeted care so that the problem does not recur.


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