A variety of, sometimes opposite, reasons can lead to potency disorders: for example, a sedentary lifestyle and an addiction to cycling. Let’s refresh our knowledge on the topic and get ready to advise visitors on this delicate issue.

What is the reason?

In most cases – up to 80% – erectile dysfunction (ED) is caused not by psychological factors, as was previously thought, but by vascular, nervous, and hormonal disorders (decrease in testosterone levels in the blood) 1,2,4. Numerous experimental and clinical studies indicate that the common link in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases, DM, and ED is endothelial damage. All vascular risk factors have a detrimental effect on it, which leads to impaired synthesis of vasodilating agents, the most important of which is nitric oxide. And since it plays a key role in the mechanism of erection, disruption of its production and/or availability can lead to ED.

We list the main risk factors for ED:

• cardiovascular diseases (including atherosclerosis)
• kidney failure
• diseases of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, hypo-, and hyperthyroidism)
• neurological diseases (Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis)
• spinal injury (spinal cord injury)
• Peyronie’s disease
• drinking alcohol, smoking
• taking certain drugs (antihypertensive drugs, antidepressants, hormones, tranquilizers)
• depression.

How is ED treated?

Since 1998, phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors have been used as first-line drugs. These include prescription drugs sildenafil (Viagra®, Olmax Strong, etc.), vardenafil (Levitra®), tadalafil (Cialis®), udenafil (Zydena® ). The specific drug is chosen by the doctor depending on the characteristics of the patient’s condition, the causes of ED, and concomitant diseases 2,4.

The ancestor of the iPDE-5 class was sildenafil, presented in the pharmacy assortment as original and generic drugs (generics). They can be offered as a full-fledged synonymous replacement 5. For example, Olmax Strong is more affordable than the original, available in 3 different dosages – 25, 50, and 100 mg, which simplifies the selection in accordance with the doctor’s prescriptions. Take the drug 1 hour before sexual activity. The maximum recommended dose is 100 mg, and the maximum frequency of use is 1 time per day 6.

Sildenafil selectively inhibits specific PDE-5, preventing the breakdown of cGMP in the cavernous bodies, thereby enhancing the relaxing effect of nitric oxide and improving blood flow.

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