It’s no secret what an important role sex life plays for each of us. Even more – sexual relationships have a strong influence on our psycho-emotional well-being. However, not everyone today can boast of an excellent sexual sphere. And one of the main reasons for the “unsettled” sexual relations between partners is a problem with erectile function.

Today there are enough reasons that negatively affect erectile function:

  • Psychological causes include various psychological diseases, depression, drug addiction, and alcoholism;
  • Causes related to the endocrine system – diabetes mellitus, sarcoidosis, dysfunction of the genital glands;
  • Anatomical reasons. This group includes sclerosis, various injuries of the pelvic organs, Peyronie’s disease;
  • Problems with blood vessels – blockage of arteries, dysfunction of the venous system, hypertension, increased cholesterol levels, atherosclerotic vascular disorders.
  • Neurological causes – Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, etc.
    Side problems are associated with the use of various medications.

The purpose of treatment to improve potency primarily depends on the cause. That is, if the dysfunction is associated with hormonal changes, then they try to eliminate it with the help of hormonal means. And if the disorder is associated with the endocrine system, then doctors use not only drug therapy, but also physiotherapy, and even surgery.

In most cases, the cause of dysfunction is physical changes in the body that are associated with circulatory disorders in the penis. Therefore, doctors recommend physiotherapy more for treatment. To date, a course of shock wave therapy procedures, abbreviated as UVT, is gaining huge popularity in the treatment of erectile function. Shock wave therapy.

UHT refers to a non-invasive procedure. With the help of special equipment, the doctor directs shock waves to a certain area of the patient’s penis. Shock waves, acting on the compacted areas, soften the fibrous tissue, which leads to softening of the vessel walls. Thanks to this procedure, new vessels are formed in the male body, which restores blood circulation, thereby normalizing the work of the vessels of the penis. In addition, therapy allows you to restore the cavernous corpuscles and nerve endings, which is very important for people suffering from diabetes.


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