Circles under the eyes – how to get rid of them?

Circles under the eyes have long been synonymous with fatigue and lack of sleep. However, some people struggle with circles under their eyes all their lives, even if they have enough sleep and energy. How is this possible and what to do against circles under the eyes?

Circles under the eyes Why do circles form under the eyes?
There are many reasons why circles under the eyes are formed, and they often combine with each other. Some of them are relatively easy to eliminate, others, unfortunately, are difficult to influence. Here is the list:

Fatigue and lack of sleep. The skin around the eyes is very thin and is intertwined with a dense network of blood and lymphatic vessels. If after a sleepy or meaningless night the body tries to attract more blood to the eyes, the blood vessels dilate, and under the thin skin, they glow from blue to purple. In addition, the fact is added that if we are tired and do not sleep, we usually have pale skin, and circles under the eyes are more noticeable.
Psychological assumptions and genetics – the formation of circles around the eyes can also affect the shape of our face, i.e. how deep our eyes are, how thick a layer of fat is in the area under the eyes or skin type – people with darker skin are more likely to form circles under the eyes.
Circles under the eyes are also closely related to the swelling of the eyelids – swollen eyelids under the eyes create a shadow that we perceive as circles under the eyes.
Age – circles under the eyes are a natural sign of aging (however, if you have genetic predispositions, they may appear from a young age).
Allergic diseases (allergic rhinitis, atopic eczema)
Anemia – anemic people tend to be pale, so circles under the eyes are more pronounced.
Skin pigmentation disorders, such as a condition called periocular hyperpigmentation – circles around the eyes from light to dark brown, are more common in brunettes.
Some other diseases (diseases of the thyroid gland or biliary tract)
Smoking, alcohol consumption
Lack of fluid (“sunken eyes” due to dehydration)
Excessive exposure to the sun
An unbalanced diet with low vitamin content, high salt content in the diet
Turn the circles under your eyes
As you can see, the list of reasons is very long, but the positive news is that in the vast majority of cases, circles under the eyes are only a cosmetic problem. There are a number of methods to reduce the formation of circles under the eyes. On the one hand, it is possible to recommend certain lifestyle changes, and on the other hand, it is possible to significantly improve the condition of the eye area with the help of suitable cosmetic care and decorative cosmetics.

You can reduce the circles under your eyes by changing your lifestyle
Sleep – not much, not much. Since problems with circles under the eyes are often related to the quantity and quality of sleep, focus on sleep hygiene. In addition to lack of sleep, circles under the eyes can also be caused by lack of sleep.
Work habits – long hours of the night spent in front of a computer screen are not suitable for the eye area. The end of the day should be designed for relaxation.
Exercise in the fresh air – the fresh air will help to excite the blood and you will get a healthier color overall.
Eat healthily – Vitamin C is especially important for blood vessels (not just around the eyes) – fruits and vegetables should be part of every meal. Rutin, a rich source of buckwheat, is recommended for strengthening blood vessels.
Take care of a sufficient amount of iron – as we have already said, anemia increases the visibility of circles under the eyes.
It is also important to have a sufficient amount of liquid – drink from 1.5 to 2 liters of water during the day.
Add an extra pillow to the bed – the raised position of the upper half of the body will help prevent swelling of the eyelids.
Protect the area around the eyes from the sun – wear sunglasses, use protective creams (ideal for facial care).
Cosmetic tips against under-eye circles
Cooling compresses – gel mask, cucumber slices, tea bags, a cooled spoon, an ice cube in a cloth handkerchief will serve as the first aid against circles under the eyes. A cold compress promotes microcirculation in the eye area. Leave the tile on for a few minutes. Special pillows for pouches and circles under the eyes (Placentor) are available.
Eye Area Massage – Include eye area massage every day before going to bed as part of evening rituals. Almond oil will do, for example, but you can also use your favorite eye cream.
advice: How to massage the eye area correctly

Gently tap the index and middle fingers of the abdomen on the skin for one minute. Continue moving from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

Suitable cosmetics for the care of the eye area – choose cosmetics designed specifically for the eye area. Eye creams (for example, containing peptides, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E …) are available in night and day options, you can also choose from a wide range of eye gels, balms or serums that help to turn off and nourish the skin around the eye. Of course, it is worth investing in high-quality dermo-cosmetic care (Avene, Nuxe, Vichy, Phytofontana, Inlight, etc.). A popular remedy for reducing circles under the eyes is Remescar.
Camouflage – as doctors would say, the solution is not causal, but it works relatively reliably. Concealers, BB creams, make-up, cooling balls, lighteners will help with the masking of shadows under the eyes. It should also be noted here that the products should be intended directly for the treatment of the area around the eyes, so as not to irritate the eyes.
advice: How to use color correctors?

Blue and purple circles are best neutralized with yellow or peach concealer from circles under the eyes, and brown circles are best disguised with an orange shade. After applying the color concealer, apply the concealer to a shade lighter than your skin. So the camouflage will be perfect.

When to see a doctor?
As with all ailments and health problems, in this case, it is sometimes advisable to consult a doctor. To get professional advice, visit:

circles under the eyes appear suddenly and for no apparent reason
circles under the eyes are colored yellow
the problems are significantly aggravated in a short period of time
with significant swelling of the eyes and the entire face
if the difficulties are not symmetrical
Aesthetic medicine and circles under the eyes
If circles under the eyes bother for a long time, and the usual regime and cosmetic measures are not effective enough, then it is possible to visit the workplace of aesthetic medicine. There are a number of gentle procedures to revitalize the area around the eyes, such as revitalization, laser therapy, mesotherapy, skin fillers, and much more.


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